Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Day

I am back from my trip to Cleveland and have a couple other things that I'm working that you'll be seeing shortly, but I wanted to post one quick photo from my latest adventure.

Why am I sharing this one with you when you know that I have many others that are close up and show the beautiful faces that filled the day? Because I was there and although it may not be artistically stimulating, I experienced certain emotions as took this image.

I'm drawn to it because it shows the large sky. A sky nearly as large as the love that was felt on this day. The sun, like their love, triumphed over the clouds and the rain to make for a day that could not have been more magnificent. Textured with the clouds as it's remains, the storm was destined to be defeated by romance and love's entitlement.

Bravo, Sarah and Matt!



Emily said...

It was a triumph of a day. Love the sneak peek and can't wait to see more! Had a great time meeting you and all the rest of the San Diego crew. Sarah is lucky to have friends like ya'll! Bet you are having waffle house withdrawals....

Geri said...

I AM having Waffle House withdrawls! I think they lace there food with crack to make it all that more addictive.
Emily, if you EVER want a San Diego vacation, and can deal with 2 crazy kids, you've got a place at our home. REALLY. You are too much fun, and too sweet to not want to play with again.

Kerrie D. said...

Look, I'm finally leaving a comment on your blog. :) This photo is a piece of artwork. You have been truly blessed with a gift. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.