Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Card

Like many of you, the year was just too fast. The next thing we knew, it was that time again to send off holiday cards, and we never got our own family portrait taken. I guess itls like the mechanic with the broken down car. Being a proud mommy, I wanted to show off some of my favorite photos of my two little guys that bring so much happiness to our lives. So I designed the card to show off some favorite photos from the past 12 months. Yes, I know there's a crying shot of Colton and a pout on Charlie's face in another, but they are still some of my favorite pictures of them.

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and that the year ahead is filled with wonderful blessings for each of you.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a Great Compliment

I deeply love being a photographer. It's an honor when people ask you to capture their important moments of their lives. Moments that are quickly passing, and will not be the same again. The honor is complimented when customers use my images on their holiday cards, and send them of to share their greetings and these fleeting moments with the ones they love. It's a great compliment when I get a holiday card from someone and it happens to be of an image I took for them.

The first photo posted here is an examples of that. It's a composite of the Davis Family photo session. You may have seen some of their maternity photos that I posted. Where does the time go?


These following images are from a wonderful couple who's wedding I photographed. It's wonderful to be able to record this stage of their life with them as well. I'm looking forward to being baby Russo's first paparazzi. The first one posted of them is what they used for their holiday card (what a great way to say they like my work), the other two are a couple of my favorites from their session.




Sunday, December 7, 2008

Charlie's Birthday Party

Charlie wanted a surprise party for his fifth birthday, and that's just what he got. You can click on this posts title to have a peek. I hope you enjoy some snapshots from the day in this little movie.