Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aliah & Travis

Can't you almost feel the intensity of their love? Aliah and Travis are going to be exchanging vows this summer in Mexico. The only thing that's going to be hotter than Mexico in the Summer, is going to be seeing Aliah in her dress!
I know that most of these images are on the serious side, but make no mistake, these two are very funny and easy going too. I just can't help but love the more seemingly "private" moments that these images show.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

having MY cake and eating it too

Pretty Isabella wasn't the only one who got to enjoy the sweet life at her 1 year birthday party yesterday. Thanks to David Baxter from Ohana Photography (you can find their link to the right), I got to "play" with two great photographers, get some great tips and leave feeling very inspired.

David invited Jamie Lawler and myself to join him as he photographed Isabella's birthday party. It really was a great way to play around with the camera and see how other photographers do their thing. I have admired the Baxter's style for a long time now, so it was a sincerely fantastic treat to see some of the things David does to get those shots. Jamie and David also gave me some really cool camera tips that I know I'm going to use all the time now.

David was right, this was a fantastic opportunity to "play" around with the camera and the subjects without any pressure. Even if I'm with my own family and friends and not working but have my camera, I spend time being a parent or gabbing with the pals, so I don't usually get to focus on my work like this opportunity allowed me. It was a real treat and I appreciate the invite and the opportunity. Mahalo David!

Okay, I had to post this last picture of Jamie and David because when it comes to photographing families with everyone looking at the same place at the same time, we do what we must to get the little one's attention.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jeriqa & Jeremiah

Look who's tying the knot! Jeriqa and Jeremiah are getting married later this year. Don't they look great together? On a side note...

I was actually in the hospital, visiting my friend Rhonda (Jeremiah's mother) waiting for Jeremiah (the handsome man you see in this picture) to be born. I'm telling you that I can remember it so well. I can't believe that little baby is about to get married. I'd say that it makes me feel old, but I was nearly a baby back then myself. Oh forget it. Who do I think I'm kidding.

Here's to a happy life together Jeremiah & Jeriqa!