Monday, December 10, 2007

Angel's Sweet Tanner is Here!

My beautiful niece, Angel, had her baby boy, Tanner. He's perfect. Really. Angel has fallen into the roll of mother like no other. She loves it, and looking at Tanner's handsome face, you can see why.

Meet the Chase Girls

Donna and I had a fun time photographing these little beauties. The Chase girls are as beautiful and as fun as they appear. Being a mom of 2 boys myself, I could only imagine how much fun it would be getting little girls all dolled up for the holidays. Aren't they just so sweet?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kerrie & Joshua, on the brink of change

I'm so excited for Kerrie and Joshua. Soon there life will change forever. Kerrie looks amazing and this baby is going to be so loved. I'm only going to share these two photos for now, since Kerrie is using some of the other ones from her session for her Christmas cards. I'll give her the chance to get those out before I post any more.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Boys Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas

I think this is hilarious! Go to the address below for a laugh (sorry I can't figure out how to make it a link), then you too can "go elf yourself." Ha ha.

Colton Turns One!

Here we go again. Documenting how quickly time passes. My baby is already 1?! Where does the time go? Oh well, I guess that's why we take so many pictures right?
Check out how Colton knows just how to "handle" his first birthday cake. Yes, it's chocolate. He can't speak yet, but if you saw his eyes light up, you'd be convinced it's his favorite flavor too. Happy Birthday, Half-Pint!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Brittany & Dylan

These two were so much fun to photograph. It's always great to catch a couple really being themselves and it's great when they are sort of, for lack of a better word, giddy. Catching the two of them as they were cracking up made for some really nice portraits. There wedding is set for the April 5th, so stay tuned for more great photos of them to come.

1st stop... the engagement session. Their wedding is going to be a blast.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They said their I DOs!

Friday the 12th, Donna and I had the honor of photographing Rachel and Lathen's wedding. The couple was as sweet as the Candy Bar the had for their guests. Here are some of my favorite pictures from their special day.

Who's that calling the bride?

Simply beautiful

Lathen's proud father, Lance, watched on as Donna and I were taking the formal groom portraits.

I loved Glory Ann in her zebra print standing next to the dresses in these fabulous wedding colors.

Rachel and her sister. What's that under those flowers? Yep, it's a baby bump.

Details, details, details...
Rachel and Lathen went to great lengths with the fun details for their wedding. Right down to their names written on the M&Ms at the "Candy Bar." Rachel's grandfather made the wonderful signs, like the one here that says "Gifts", and Rachel added her special touch. It was all very bright and fun, like the bride and groom.

This was a wedding party that really new how to have fun.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lathen & Rachel

Donna and I are preparing for what is going to be a really fun, visually stunnig, wedding on Friday, October 12th. Lathen and Rachel are really very sweet and easy going. A photographer's dream couple. We had a wonderful time doing their engagement session at two east county locations, Summers Past Farm and El Capitan High School (Go Vaqueros!). El Cap is the very place these two love birds met. How great is that?
Here is just one photo from their session. To see even more, check out Donna's site at or just click on the link just to the right.

Jacqueline & Eduardo Tie the Knot!

Jacqueline and Eduardo tied the knot in the beautiful gardens of the Sheraton in La Jolla on September 29th. It was truely a lovely setting. It all came together in an elegant, yet relaxed affair. A gorgous couple surrounded by loving family and friends... It's what everyone hopes their wedding will be.
Hats off to Desiree and the staff at the hotel as well. They took great care of the couple, even sending out one of the waiters from the ballroom with champange while we finished up with the formal portraits. A very special thanks to Chris for his part in helping make that happen.

A beautiful couple... a beautiful day... begin their beautiful life!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Growing & Glowing

Growing - I finally was able to meet and visit with some local photographers here in San Diego. Donna and I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but she's bumming that she wasn't able to make it this time. As for me, I so wish it hadn't taken so long. The people I meet were generous with their ideas and tips. Not to mention inspirational.

Glowing - I can't imagine meeting a better group of photographers to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. A special thanks to Masen for pulling this together. I'm glowing because I feel I've meet the cream of the crop. Please check out there work and share it with everyone.

Melissa Koehler -
Kim and David Baxter-
Jamie Lawlor- blog and website coming soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sweet Savannah

Savannah's mother, Brenda, must have surgery next week. There are some problems with Brenda's kidneys that she's been dealing with for some time and it's certain she will have one removed. The outcome of the second is undetermined for now. It's a stressful time for the family and we are all hopeful that everything turns out really well for them all. Please keep them in your prayers. We love you Brenda!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Angela & Doug

September 1st, Donna and I had the pleasure of photographing Angela and Doug's wedding. A really sweet couple. And Doug... he's a crack up. It was a hot one that day, but the two of them still managed to look great. It must have been all that love for each other. Honestly, the heat ended up looking like a "glow" effect. Don't you love this image and Donna's pick of actions for it? I do! That's why I had to put this one on MY blog.

Why I LOVE Working with Donna!

When I get to work with Donna, it just all comes together. While one of us (usually me) is getting the straight on shot, the other (usually Donna) may be capturing the same image from another angle. The multiple angles can tell the same story in different ways, making the end result of the wedding portraits a perfect "marriage" of traditional photography and photo expressionism.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Goodale Boys

I know that technically speaking, this one misses the mark, but it sure tugs on my heart strings. I couldn't resist sharing what is now one of my all time favorite personal pictures! I love these guys more than words can say.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Zoo

My very good friend Donna (check out her FANTASTIC photos by clicking on her blog link to the right), let her daughter Cassi come out and play with the kids and I. It was a great day. We went to Denny's for lunch but Charlie didn't really touch his fries that came with his meal. I thought I would entice him to eat them by wiggling a fry it in front of his month. When he went to grab a bite I didn't move my hand back fast enough and he bite me.

It hurt like crazy and I was SO surprised to see that he actually busted through my skin. However, it gave me the chance to get some pretty funny pictures about the bite and my "wild animal" son. The words on the sign above Charlie's head in the picture below says, "These Animals Bite."

Cassi and a new pet?

Colton and his buddy, Cassi