Saturday, October 4, 2008

Travis & Aliah's Wedding in Mexico

In August, Aliah and Travis exchanged vows South of the border at the Estero Beach Resort. It was a blast of a weekend (see the post called "FRIDAY IN MEXICO - CLICK HERE" for proof). Aliah & Travis are inspiration and a blessing rolled up in happiness and laughter. Congratulations again you two and thanks for a fabulous weekend.


The ring bearer, Cash, gave it his best shot, but the day proved to be too long for him. Luckily, his Uncle stepped up to the newest and greatest roll in a wedding... The Ring Bearer, Bearer.

I'm think I'm fully in my "I love old looking pictures" phase.




ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

absolutely gorgeous geri!!!!

Geri said...

Thanks a lot! Especially hearing that from you guys.

Donna said...

wow....Beautiful Geri. I know you don't beleive me but you inspire me.


CAKelly101 said...

What gorgeous pictures! My boyfriend and are I looking into getting married at Estero Beach (we've been there twice and we LOVE it). We're just starting to investigate details...including photographers. Would you be willing to go down there again at some point? =) PLEASE e-mail me at